My Story

Please allow me to introduce myself

Hi and welcome to my site my name is Anton Green and i'm involved in CPA marketing. Having spent the last 2 and a bit years in a private group of 15 or so affiliates i am ready to step out and cut my teeth in CPA marketing.

It was always this way this time six years ago i was working as a delivery driver for a chinese takeaway in my the neighbourhood where i grew up. Having spent the latter half of my teenage years and my early twenties on the wrong side of the law. I was left with no qualifications, the short term future looked bleak.

As a youth i was into basketball and sports and have represented my city at National League level. Something which i'm very proud of.

Needless to say that all went to pot.

Over the years i've had my successes and i've had my failures and i've learn't from each and every one of them.

At at the end of 2014 a friend of mine who had become really successful through internet marketing said he would bring me into a skype group with 15 - 20 other affiliates. I won't mention the niche.

I was excited at the opportunity, but i must admit at the time i wasn't really much of a techy kinda guy.

Anyway to cut a long story short since that time i've learn't to put together websites using wordpress, learnt a little copywriting, learn't to put an autoresonder together, split testing,  tracking. Together with a mate of mine, who is very techy we've covered all the basics. The only disadvantage we had for the first year or so being in a group with other JV's you kind rely on them to generate leads something which frustrated me no doubt, but not being very techy and having so much to learn it was difficult to know what areas to focus on.

Anyhow having learnt a lot of tricks i've left the group and for the last few months i have decided to dedicate myself to CPA marketing and i love it. I have just joined the Stack that Money Forum and i'm looking forward to networking with some of the most serious CPA marketers on the planet.

Join me on my journey as i blog about things i have learnt over the last two years, meetups i attend and oh yeah having booked my ticket i will be a regular at Affiliate World conference Europe and Asia.

It's going to be one hell of a ride

Next Steps...

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